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Items To Trade For PEZ

This is a small list of stuff that I would like to trade for PEZ. If anyone is interested,
please E-Mail me. I would love for them to go to a good home. Make me a PEZ
offer, enjoy.


Simpsons Set of 5, MOC


PEZ Products:

Power PEZ w/beltclip MOC

Marvin the Martian Candy Hander MOC

Wile Coyote Candy Hander MOC


PEZ Oddities:

Bugs Bunny Missing Ears MIB (Ears not in bag)

Daisy Duck Missing Beak MIB (Beak not in bag)


Flix (All Loose):

Pebbles (Blue Round Base)

Barney (Red Square Base

Fred (Blue Square Base

TMNT Michaelanelo (Orange Square Base)

TMNT Raphael (Red Square Base)

TMNT Donatello (Purple Square Base)

TMNT Leonardo (Blue Square Base)

Spiderman (Black Square Base)

Hulk (Blue Square Base)

Wolverine (Yellow Square Base)

Batman (Blue No Base)

Kitten Bubbles-Lisa Frank (Purple Round Base)

Ballerina Bunny-Lisa Frank (Yellow Round Base)

Hollywood Bear-Lisa Frank (Purple Round Base)

Scooby Doo (Blue Round Base)

Scooby Doo w/flowers in mouth (Pink Round Base)

Godzilla-Green Head (Black Round Base)

Godzilla-Brown Head (Black Round Base)

Bugs Bunny (Blue No Base)

Tweety Bird (Yellow No Base)

Taz (Red No Base)

Chip-Toy Soldiers (Green Round Base)

Archer-Toy Soldiers (Red Round Base)

Inspector Gadget-Propellar on Hat (Black Round Base)

Inspector Gadget-Hand on Hat (Yellow Round Base)

Buzz Lightyear-Toy Story2 (Black Round Base)

Woody-Toy Story2 (Blue Round Base)

Jesse-Toy Story2 (Yellow Round Base)

Hercules (Yellow Square Base)

Megora (Red Square Base)

Flik-Bugs Life (Green Round Base)

Dot-Bugs Life (Yellow Round Base)

Tarzan (Blue Round Base)

Monkey (Yellow Round Base)

Lil Mermaid (Green Square Base)

101 Dalmation (Red Square Base)

101 Dalmation (Red Round Base)

Godzilla-Green Head (Black Tart Candy Tube)

Godzilla-Brown Head (Black Tart Candy Tube)

Chip (Green Tart Candy Tube)

Archer (Red Tart Candy Tube)


Football cards:

1987 Topps Herschel Walker Rookie Card?

1989 Score Bo Jackson

1984 Topps Joe Montana

1986 Topps Joe Montana


Baseball cards:

1988 Mark Grace Rookie Card

1988 Donruss Mark McGwire (Qty 5)

1988 Donruss Mark McGwire MVPCard

1988 Donruss Mark McGwire Diamond King (Qty 3)

1988 Topps Mark McGwire All Star Rookie

1986 Donruss Nolan Ryan

1987 2 Donruss & 2 Leaf Rafael Palmeiro Rated Rookie

1987 Leaf Barry Bonds Rookie Card


Baseball Cars Mini Sets:

1986 Fleer Limited Edition Baseball Superstars (44 cards in box)

1987 Fleer Limited Edition Baseball Superstars (44 cards in box)

1986 Fleer Limited Edition Baseball's Best - Sluggers vs. Pitchers (44 cards in box)

1987 Fleer Limited Edition Baseball's Best - Sluggers vs. Pitchers (44 cards in box)

1986 Topps Baseball Champion Superstars (33 super gloss photo cards in box)

1987 Topps-K-Mart Baseballs Stars of the Decades - 25th Anniv. Collectors Edition (33 super gloss photo cards in box)


Hot Wheels:

2000Treasure Hunts:

#1 Double Vision


1998 First Editions - All MOC

#19 Panoz GTR-1 Black Interior (Qty 2)

#21 Go Kart

#24 Tail Dragger

#27 Super Modified (Qty 2)

#39 Fathom This

#40 Double Vision


1999 First Editions - All MOC

#3 Phantom Corsair

#9 Tee'd Off

#16 Ford GT 40


2000 First Editions - All MOC

#3 1964 Lincoln Continental

#11 Ferrari 333 SP


98 Sugar Rush Series - All MOC

#3 95 Camaro (Nestles Crunch)

#4 96 Mustang (Butterfinger)


McDonalds Hot Wheels - All MIB


#5 Ronald NASCAR


#9 Double Cross (Qty 2)

#14 Black Track

#15 Trail Runner

#16 Innovator


#3 Current McDonalds NASCAR

#16 Future Del Worsham Funny Car


2000 Virtual Collection

Lamborghini Diablo


Matchbox - All MOC:

1998 Taco Bell Matchbox

Big Movers - Humvee

1999 Taco Bell Matchbox - All 4

'97 Chevy Corvette

'57 Chevy Bel Air

'80 Chevy K-1500 Pick Up

'97 Chevy Tahoe

Thanks for checking out my stuff. CLICK HERE to send an E-Mail if you are
interested in anything, or have any questions.

Thanks, BoB Dietrich - Proud Pezhead E-Mail List Member Since 1997