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Question #1

At Cleveland this year, a lady was about to enter the show to try to sell some pez she found cleaning her house. Marcia and I looked at them, noticed they were currents, and told her that she'd have no luck selling these. What series did she have?

Answer: Disney

Question #2

I just bought my textbooks for the semester. How many books did I have to get?

Answer: 7

Question #3

I am currently stuck in one stage in the amazing video game "Thief: The Dark Project". What number stage (For those who have played the game, the training mission doesn't count) am I stuck in. A number from 1 - 13 will do, (Though if you know the stage names, that will do also) There are 13 stages, IIRC

Answer: Cragscleft Prison

Question #4

The music group Five Iron Frenzy has a song about a comb called _____ Comb 78, where the space I have left in the title is a color. Name that color.

Answer: Blue

Question #5

Which Pez Petz would you give to someone running the Linux operation system?

Answer: Butler the Penguin

Question #6

The song from Animanics, "Yakko's World", starts with the line "United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Haiti, Jamaica, Peru." There are five more countries that finish this line. Name two of them.

Answer: Cuba & Republic Dominican

Question #7

Explain how one could make a million dollars using at least the following items (You may add more items if you wish, but you need at least ALL of the following): A half - filled can of Wal * Mart brand imitation Mountain Dew that's flat, my belly button lint, a CD of Yanni's greatest hits with scratches that make tracks 2, 4, and 5 skip, and Bob Barker.


This is the story, as told to me by my wife, of how she supposedly pulled-off one of the most remarkable auctions in e-bay history. These are her words (and she can blab). My comments will be in parentheses.

I found my Yanni's Greatest hits CD (I think I'm gonna hurl!) among the useless AOL CD's you use as frisbee's with the boys and the dog (a Rottweiler). I'm sure it was an accident (I'm sure it wasn't!), but now tracks 2, 4 & 5 skip. Well, anyway, I was relaxing to Yanni when his music inspired me. (It always inspires me, too. Right into the john.) I felt a creative spirit come over me, so I went into your Pez room (How many times do I have to tell her to keep out of there?) and dug out my box of treasures. I got out my collection of belly-button lint that I started in 1974(I was wondering what that smell was). I have wonderful specimens from all the greats, you know: KC and all the original Sunshine Band members, Ike Turner, Vanilla Ice, Rob Lowe, Linda Blair, Mike Dukakis, Mike Hasko (AKA Psycho Pez), and Bob Barker. (..................nevermind!) I also got my clippings from the dog groomers, a quart of used tranmission fluid, a half can of Mt. Frost (Wal*Mart's answer to Mt. Dew.), and some Spray-n-Wash. Then, while still under the inspiration of the Yanni music and the Pez display (How dare she use those 2 words in the same sentence? Yanni and Pez?!?), I fashioned a life-size model of Peter Pez's head. It was so extraordinary that I put it up on e-bay and got just over $1 million for it. (Anyway, that's how she accounts for the sudden change in our financial circumstances, and who am I to argue?)

Question #8

With a name like Smuckers, does it REALLY have to be good? Explain why or why not, in terms of pi.


While considering this question, I was forced to evaluate the relative nature of "good" as it pertains to any subject, Smuckers or otherwise. I found that the solution could best be reached by applying mathematic priciples, and then determined that the following equation best demonstrates the aforestated goodness:

(Gł * Rh)/A, 3.14= 0

Where: G = Goodness, Rh = Relative Humidity, and A = My current age in minutes

When conscientiously applied, this proves, to a reasonable certainty, the hypothesis: "With a name like Smuckers, it has to be good."

Question #9

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie roll lollypop? Include proof.

Answer: I conducted an experiment for this question. CLICK HERE For the Results!

Question #10

In honor of our soon to be leaving friend, visionary, and pal Lord Larry, for these last points you have to write a whatdoyouget question.


whatdoyouget when you take 2 Sam Snuffle's, 2 green shelled chick in eggs, and a pig whistle? Sam's Green Eggs and Ham

I know it's weenie but I'm tired.